Stagnant Water Stinks!

Our skills are like water. When in flow it undergoes constant change and has immense power. The market is contently under rapid change from technology to new processes. Without personal development training our skills become irrelevant and redundant. People Locatorhas come to the rescue by helping in- Taking stock– what are your individual goals? What


You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks!

Doing the same thing for a long time puts us in our comfort zone and anything out of it seems quite difficult even if we realize and wish to seek a change to achieve our goals. Our uniquely designed training program takes you out of this reverie smoothly by actively engaging you in designing your


Learn what you actually need

Unlike Real estate training where they confuse you through a quagmire of much hyped training sessions for a marginal return value proposition, which in most cases end up in buyer’s remorse; We educate you through our individualized training program as to why and how you must seek the changes to achieve your goals. Our highly