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To often companies funnel their employees through generic orientation trainings and believe that is all that is required for adequate performance. In reality to reach maximum potential employees must be continuously trained on their current settings. People Locator’s training program is based on situational modules. Each module is layered in an organic logical manner in keeping with your company’s specific needs, strengths, weaknesses and objectives.

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Sales Core:

This module is focused on creating a result oriented sales process that focuses on establishing organic lead generation base and a consistent process to convert the leads into sales and thereafter into sales support to build the continuity in the sales process throughout your organization.

Concepts Covered:

  • Sales Etiquette
  • Building a lead base
  • Maintaining a lead base
  • Closing
  • Establishing and organizing a process
  • Obtaining return customers
  • Avoiding rebuttals
  • Avoiding and dealing with return product or canceled sales

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New Level of Customer Service:

Addressing bad habits, lack of understanding for the company, product, and customer, and establishing a consistent process is the focus on this module. Customer Service training is focused on setting and maintaining proper expectations for both business and customers whether remote or location based. Focus is on establishing practices that control the outcomes of the experiences to stay within the parameters of the expectations set to address customer needs and align them with the company’s abilities.

Concepts Covered:

  • Identifying the issue
  • Identifying achievable solutions
  • Understanding required research
  • Setting & managing company expectations
  • Setting & managing customer expectations
  • Organizing
  • Follow up & follow through

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