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Personal Development

If you wonder what is impeding your career advancement despite all the skills and experience you have, it is high time you analyze your personality traits. Personal development helps you to build and develop relationships, helps in your career growth and also helps to realize your capabilities so that you can move ahead with strength. People Locator helps in inducing the right amount of personality enhancers to make your personality that shines and stands out. Some of the personality enhancers provided in our training are:-

  • Improvement in behavior, attitude, communication
  • Motivation, confidence, harmony
  • Sharpening of inter-personal and social networking skills.

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If you often have to say-I didn’t mean it or construe what is not intended, then your communication despite your skills is at fault. People Locator identifies your communication distinctiveness arising out of cultural, race, geographical, educational and personal differentials and fine-tune them to a respectfully acceptable levels. But this is just half of he story as Communication is two way process and getting it right the first time is equally imp; so customized listening sessions are drilled in the training program. Now Go and say with confidence -World is your oyster!,

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Leadership Development

Leadership inspires self and others to share his vision and rise above the environment. Simple; but most of us aren't sure of it ! People Locator's Leadership development program provides you the means to identify these abilities in you and strengthens them so that you can rely on them confidently to assert yourself through initiative, bold decisions and owning responsibilities to win the trust of your team members. We enable you to emerge as a leader and stay there from here on.

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Add-ons to our Training Programs

Pink Slippers

As a new comer to the job market, it can be difficult to create an attractive presentation with your resume. Your resume is the first impression on the potential employers and your social media profile gets attention before you even send your resume and finally preparedness for the new age intw questions is the key to landing a dream job. People Locator identifies attributes desired by the employers, manage your social media profile to entice appropriate attention, makes relevant job searches and provides one-on-one job preparedness coaching to help you home in on your dream job.

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Grey Matters

If you are passing through mid career blues; find your resume outdated, and are unable to harness social media tools to create a desired profile and unsure of what to expect in the intw, People locator will help you improve your resume to match the times, create an e-profile ,  job searches, One-on-one Interview Prep Coaching to crack the new age intws and advise you on business creation options to exploit your experience and skills. We understand the dilemma you face. Our Grey Matter Package simplifies the process for redefining yourself.

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